VU1 - Dynamic Analogue Dials


Color: Black

Color: Black

VU1: Starter

VU1: Starter
Single HUB
Single DIAL
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  • When will the pre-orders start to ship?

    The current ETA for orders starting to ship is the last week of December. If there are any updates to this timeframe, we will notify customers that placed an order.

  • If I want just one, which should I choose: "Single HUB" or Single Dial" ?

    The HUB is the one with the USB port, so if you only want a single device, you should order the HUB

  • Can I order other items at the same time as this pre-order product?

    Additional items can be ordered together but will only be shipped when the pre-order item is available, so if you require anything urgently, please order it seperately.



Moving coil dials are nothing new, they have been around since the invention of galvanometer devices in the 1800s and are more commonly associated with audio equipment in the era of analogue audio where it was used to represent volume (hence VU, Volume Unit). What makes this kind of display appealing is its mechanical motion, a connection to the physical world, unlike something like an OLED screen that resides in the virtual.

What makes the VU1 different from other dials is the inclusion of an e-ink display that transforms what would be a dedicated and singular application device into something far more versatile. For those unfamiliar, e-ink displays are commonly used in e-readers and give a 'paper-like' experience as they have high contrast and don't emit any light. Using this as the dial face allows it to be repurposed on the fly, changing the units and graduations to represent entirely different metrics.

In addition to the moving coil and e-ink, we have included RGB lighting but unlike its typical superfluous inclusion on almost everything PC-related, these have a practical function. As e-ink displays are passive (don't emit any light), they can't be viewed in total darkness, so the RGB is used to provide illumination to the dial face and provide an extra colour-based dial value indicator.

Powering the VU1 is a robust open-source platform that has been designed from the ground up to be easy to implement so that support can be natively added to virtually any application. Rather than try to develop a parallel or competing application for every possible use case (which would also be impossible), we provide the Server App that acts as the gateway. With the use of industry-standard REST API, 3rd party developers and the community we help grow will create new and innovative uses for the dials.

A separate website dedicated to the VU1, 3rd party integration, community plugins and a discussion/support forum will be available at

The VU1 is housed in a 55mm cube, machined from extruded aluminium and finished with our signature sandblasted & anodised surface giving it a premium look and solid feel. There are two types of device, a HUB and a DIAL and whilst they share the same design and construction, the HUB features an additional USB port for connectivity to the device that will be supplying power and data, e.g. your PC or Raspberry Pi.

Full product details are available on the main website - VU1 - Dynamic Analogue Dials