BC1 Screws


Type: 6#32 Thumbscrew V1

Type: 6#32 Thumbscrew V1
PCI Thumbscrew + Nut
6#32 Thumbscrew V1
M3 Thumbscrew V2
6#32 Thumbscrew V2
M3 Standoff V2
Push-Pin Standoff V2
6#32 Slim Nut V2
M3 Slim Nut V2
Graphite Nylon Washer 3.1*8.0mm
Graphite Nylon Washer 2.7*7.8mm
Graphite Nylon Washer 2.7*5.0mm

Quantity: Single

Quantity: Single
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Original custom made high-grade 304 steel, replacement screw for your BC1 and BC1 Mini.

Sold individually for anyone that might have been unfortunate and misplaced one or in packs if you need more for a BC1 project.

Packs contain 8 screws except for the PCI thumbscrews which consist of 4 screws and the nylon washers (for BC1 V1) that come in packs of 10pcs.

V1 and V2 screws are the same except for the 6#32 thumbscrew which features a revised cross hatch pattern on the head but is mechanically the same. For those that require (or have misplaced) the Nylon Washers that we pre-fitted on V1 screws, they can now be purchased separately.


Nylon Washers come in 3 sizes

  • 3.1*8.0 - Used for 6#32 thumbscrews and the PCI Screws
  • 2.7*7.8 - User for the M3 thumbscrews
  • 2.7*5.0 - User for the Pushpin & M3 thumbscrews