(B-GRADE) BC1 V2 - ATX Benchtable


Color: Black

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Our B-GRADE BC1 V2s are sold at a 35% discount. To receive the discount enter the code BC1V2BGD at checkout in the 'discount code' field and click 'apply'

As these B-Grade units are in very short supply, we have decided to limit them to one per customer in order to give more individuals the opportunity to get one.

Please read this carefully before purchasing .....

The BC1 is made from a solid slab of aluminium that is precision milled, polished, and then finished with a sandblasted surface and anodising treatment that seals and protects the surface. The manufacturing process is incredibly labour-intensive, especially the polishing that is done by hand and as aluminium is a relatively soft material, it is unforgiving and easily damaged. The entire process involves a great deal of manual labour that inevitably leads to defects on the surface of some units.

On final inspection, units with surface defects must be rejected which is unfortunate as these imperfections in many cases would be difficult to notice and have no impact on the functionality or durability of the product.

With this in mind and the added objective of reducing the vast resource waste of simply scrapping these units, we have decided to make the ones with superficial imperfections available in our store as B-Grade.

The majority of defects are caused by the polishing process and the excessive removal of material that creates an uneven surface. There can also be small machining issues or minor scuffs, most of which happen before the final anodising process.

In every other aspect, this is a BRAND NEW and FACTORY SEALED unit, it is not the same as a returned, open box or refurbished item and is indistinguishable from a standard new unit other than the surface imperfections.

Please take the time to check the example photos that highlight the type of surface defects that these B-Grade units have. Unfortunately, it is not practical for us to provide a picture or detail the specific type or location of the defect, but the images shown reflect the worst-case scenario, so expectations should be set accordingly.

Note that the packaging and serial number will reflect its B-Grade status to avoid any scenario where they might be confused or re-sold as standard units.