What drives us?


Like our designs, we have a simple mission ... Not trying to change the world, just make some great computer products


Driven and motivated by passion

Everything we design and create is done with a genuine passion for what we do. At our core we are geeks, PC enthusiasts and designers, obsessed with getting things just right. Not afraid to break the mould, we are not interested in more of the same and if that means being niche, so be it. In our minds 'stick RGB on it' doesn't count as innovation.

'You don't need to have OCD to be in the team, but it sure does helps a lot'


In-house, independent manufacturing

A great product idea is nothing without the right execution to bring it to life, so whilst large material fabrication is outsourced, every other aspect of the manufacturing process is done in-house. From the initial design right though to the final packed product, every element and process is under our direct control.

'Whilst other brands just outsource, we focus on maximizing in-house processes'


The expertise to deliver

We have great respect for the 'kickstarter' scene, disruptive ideas are exactly what the industry needs, but there is a reason why so many projects fail .... experience. Streacom was founded in 2010 but our team has over 2 decades of experience in product design, manufacturing and every aspect of products distribution and support.

'The right balance of industry experience and adolescent drive to shake things up'


True commitment to customer care and support

You never really know how good a companies service is until you need help. Whilst we do our best to ensure quality, we are human and mistakes can happen but we make every effort to deal with any product issue. Beyond that, this very online shop is a testament to us going to extra mile to make after sale parts available and extend the life of our products.

'Being attentive before a sale is the easy part, its what you do after that counts'

Our Journey

So Far

Streacom Founded

The company takes its first steps, launching the F1C

JUNE 2010

First Fanless Chassis

The FC5 is released, followed by the more compact FC8

SEP 2011

First Computex Event

Our first opportunity to demonstrate our products to the mainstream

APR 2012

In-House Manufacturing

Transition to full independence culminates with the release of Alpha

FEB 2015

First Full ATX Chassis

Traditionally SFF focused, we release the first full-size component case

MAY 2015

First Passive GPU Chassis

Release the first product that supports GPU cooling

JUNE 2016

First Benchtable Chassis

Our first product designed for hardware testing and overclocking

AUG 2016

First ITX ‘Gaming’ Chassis

Our first ITX enthusiast case capable of gaming level performance

NOV 2019

You Asked

We Answered
What does Streacom mean?

It goes back to one of the original plans for the company and the background in media, specifically 'streaming media content to computers'.
We have heard many interesting pronunciations of the name over the years, but the correct way to say Streacom is to omit the 'a', so phonetically it would be stree-com.

Are you the manufacturer our do you just give your designs to a factory to make?

Whilst we have never worked with any of the mainstream computer OEM/ODM factories, in the early days we did outsource production, but quickly realized that the only way we would really achieve our goals of quality and maintain control of our intellectual property was to commit to our own manufacturing. Since 2015, we have maintained true independence with all of our products being manufactured in-house, under our full control and management.

You have been around for 10 years, why so few products?

Let's answer that by asking another question .... why do other companies have so many products?

One of the reasons is catering to market fads and another is design obsolescence. It's something that car companies figured out a long time ago, if you make incremental changes to a model, you create a desire to upgrade without having to innovate in any meaningful way, reusing the same platform for years if not decades.

Its very similar in the computer case industry, with many brands using the same frame (even sharing them) and just creating a new front panel every year.

Rather than pandering to the latest seasonal trend, we try to create designs that are timeless and that cater to specific demands rather than a multitude of overlapping products and features.

This also helps reduce waste which is an important global problem that needs solutions beyond simply reducing packaging usage.

Is Streacom a Dutch company?

Our HQ is based in The Netherlands, so in principle, yes, but our team is also located in other regions around the world and comprises of many nationalities so we consider ourselves to be International. This diversity combined with our flat management structure are some key reason we are able to innovate and operate outside of the typical constraints of our industry.

I have another question that is not listed here, what should I do?

No problem, just get in touch with us using the contact form that is located on this page.
If its a good question that is commonly asked, we will also add it to this section