SG10 Copper Edition - Fanless Gaming Case

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Pledge Vouchers (KPV) can be purchase at, subject to availability.

An essential requirement for the order process is informing us of the GPU you prefer to use with the SG10 and a backup option from the list of currently supported cards. Please have this information ready BEFORE entering the pledge voucher code.

As explained in the product introduction, we will do our best to support as many GPU cards as possible but it simply wont be possible to support every cards. If your existing card does not get support, you will need to revert to your backup choice.

Once any preferred card choice reaches a threshold of 10 requests, assuming there are no practical limitations to supporting it, we will design and manufacture a coldplate for it.

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  • Since pre-ordering the SG10 I have moved, am I able to change my shipping address?

    Yes, changing the delivery address before we start shipping is fine. If it's within the same country, simply provide the new address. If the country has changed, it must be a location we are able to ship to, and there might be a shipping fee adjustment.

  • Are there any updates on the production status?

    We have added a section to the bottom of the SG10 update page that shows the current production status and schedule -

  • Can I choose a specific serial number from the 500 units that will be made, for example unit 007 ?

    All 500 limited edition copper SG10 units willbe serialisedin the order theyare manufactured, which is not necessarily sequential (as there is parallel production), so the specific number you receive can not be reserved or selected and will be at random.

  • What type of fluid is used for the loop and how easy will it be to refill the loop fluid when/if the level gets low?

    The SG10 uses a Non-Conductive Dielectric Refrigerant (R1233ZD), and the loop has been constructed with copper and steel tubing specifically to ensure no leaks, even over the product's entire life. There will be no loss of liquid or requirement to top up.

  • What will the shipping cost be?

    The SG10 will be assembled in Belgium, so shipping will be from there. We can not list every location and cost but to give some idea:
    €25 - Belgium, Germany, Netherlands
    €49 - Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Denmark, Austria
    €57 - UK, Norway, Switserland, Finland
    €180 - USA

  • Can I use workstation grade CPUs such as EPYC or XEON with the SG10 fanless cooling?

    There are currently no plans to support larger CPUs such as EPYC, Threadripper and Xeon, the evaporator on the SG10 has been optimised for standard CPU IHS surface area and it would be challenging to support such a difference in size with the same design.

  • The cart shows free shipping on orders over €280.00 but its not be applied at checkout, why?

    For all other items in our shop, free shipping over that value is applied but due to the size, weight and value, we are not able to offer this with the SG10.

  • Will it be possible to adjust the backup choice later when it is clear which additional coldplates will be added?

    We understand that GPU choice is important so will always try to make accomodations for this, but even if/when new coldplates are added, there will be a cuttoff period as we still need time to manufacture them.


Introducing the SG10 Copper Edition, an exclusive version of the SG10 that features a stunning FULL COPPER condenser. This limited production run aims to give something back to the community backers who supported the original project, with a total quantity of 500 units, after which only the aluminium condenser version will be produced. Each unit will also be laser engraved with its unique 'XXX of 500' serial number identification.

All SG10 Copper Edition cases are allocated to the community; the only units available for purchase to the general public will be ones from backers who prefer to receive a refund on their pledge.

To purchase this product, you will need a pledge voucher. Community backers who opted in should already have their code. For everyone else, available pledge vouchers can be purchased from Calyos at
The same pledge voucher code must also be used at checkout to apply the discount, which will reduce the listed total price by the voucher value, i.e. €1200 - €479 = €721 (ex shipping)

Complete case details can be found on the product page at
Updates on production status can be found at the bottom of this link