DA6 - Tubular Frame ITX Case


Color: Chrome

Color: Chrome

Size: Regular

Size: Regular
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  • Do I have to purchase the Universal Brackets separately?

    The DA6 includes 2 brackets per side of the case (8 in total), you only need to purchase more if your planned build requries them

  • Is there any IO included with the case, or do I have to purchase the modules separately?

    We include a single module with the case, its the Power Button + Type-C Module (USB3.0 19PIN)

  • Does the DA6 frame come with everything needed to build or do I need to purchase the power button and GPU riser cable to be able to use it?

    It includes the power button module but not the GPU riser cable

  • Where is this shipped from?

    Most items are shipped from China but the DA6 also has stock in Europe for customers located in this region.


The DA6 is a vertical open frame ITX case designed to provide the ideal platform for showcasing computer components. This open-frame design, combined with the unique approach to mounting hardware, means the DA6 has incredible support for the ever-increasing size and cooling demands of gaming hardware whilst still maintaining SFF conditions.

The main structure is formed from 19mm stainless steel tubes, creating an unbroken wrap around frame that defines the body, feet and handles. This tubular theme continues to many other elements of the case to create a cohesive design. Beyond simply a style choice, the tubes play an integral part in not only the structure but functionality, serving as support surfaces for fitting components when combined with the universal brackets.

The open-frame design not only allows for unrestricted airflow but combined with the ability to utilise 4 sides for mounting, gives unrivalled cooling potential. Each side has a tube to tube aperture of 150mm (166 without the brackets) ideal for 140mm fans (or smaller) to be mounted between them. Staying within the confines of SSF volume whilst including support for ever-larger GPUs meant introducing compromises that we didn’t just want to concede, so we decided to release 2 versions of the DA6, the standard (just called DA6) and the DA6 XL.

The XL maintains the same footprint but the added height allows for GPUs up to 358mm in length leaving room for even the largest cards and some breathing room for potentially bigger next-gen cards.


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